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Criminal Lawyer Ottawa, Ontario

A criminal charge is a very serious accusation that puts your reputation at risk and throws your life into turmoil. The situation can quickly escalate and you may suddenly find yourself at the mercy of the criminal justice system.

LMS Lawyers LLP Criminal Lawyers Ottawa have been defending and protecting clients, handling not only hundreds of routine cases but also some of the most serious and challenging cases, for years.

By defending multitudes of clients with varying charges, our lawyers have developed a deep understanding and strong grasp of proven and effective strategies that can be used in your defence, if and when needed.

Ottawa Criminal Defence Lawyer - Defending All Areas of Criminal Law

When prospective clients approach us, we carefully listen, collect pertinent information and then present solutions and a “game plan”. We strongly believe that everyone has the right to be heard - to tell his or her side of the story.

Our criminal lawyers in Ottawa are highly trained and experienced in all areas of criminal law. We defend our clients in matters such as:

We also offer advice to employers concerning any criminal-law related issues in the workplace.

Whether you are looking for a legal opinion, a trial lawyer, or an appeal lawyer, our team of Ottawa Criminal Lawyers is prepared to assist you!

Our Criminal Defense Lawyer Defend You

We understand that your situation may be urgent and require immediate action. Our criminal lawyers are swift and efficient. We use the latest technology available to ensure that our research and trail resources are the best in the field.

We will give you our undivided attention and put together a solid plan of action. Our top priority is to smoothly guide you through the entire process, put you at ease, and get results.

LMS lawyers LLP are confident and relentless in their approach and leaves no stone unturned in order to prepare and deliver the best case presentation in your favour.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyer Protect You

A criminal charge can easily jeopardize your job, and your reputation and shatter your everyday life.

We will make use of all your legal rights to counter all allegations. Our Ottawa criminal lawyers are never afraid to challenge their adversaries. Protecting your rights is our utmost priority.

We have always been committed to defending our clients, even in the most serious and complex cases, and we will continue to do so.

Few cases are clearly “black and white”. There are often many grey areas that require special attention and clarification. The complaint can impact the lives of both the person accused and the complainant.

An experienced lawyer can help clarify potential confusion and thus positively influence the sentence (reduce its severity, and protect your reputation.)

Is Our Ottawa Criminal Defence Lawyer the Right Fit?

We strongly oppose the cookie-cutter approach in serving our clients. We believe each client is unique and therefore each case is unique. Our Criminal lawyers in Ottawa put in the necessary effort and time to understand the singular circumstances of your case. Our strategy will be developed and crafted to best serve YOUR needs. We will be by your side throughout the entire process, whether you are obtaining bail, going through a trial, or preparing an appeal.

The representation by LMS Lawyers LLP Ottawa criminal lawyers will, we believe, make a significant difference in the outcome of the judgment.

We are also proud of the commitment, accessibility and responsibility displayed by our lawyers. We want to make sure that, as a prospective client, you have a full understanding of your situation, your legal rights, possible courses of action, costs involved, and expectations regarding the outcome.

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