Earl Atnikov

Earl brings over 30 years of legal experience to LMS Laywers where he will continue to provide quality legal services in family/matrimonial and divorce disputes; residential and commercial real estate; and civil litigation, including mental health law.


Over his wide and varied legal career, Earl has demonstrated an intimate knowledge of the workings of the courts and the law. He uses that knowledge to secure the best legal results for his clients in a cost effective and reasonable fashion.


Earl knows that giving back to the community is important. He has been on the Board of Directors of Big Brother of Ottawa, serving as President, and on the Board of Tamir Foundation, a group home with numerous programs in the Ottawa Community.


Earl is called to the bar in Ontario and Nunavut.


Earl can be reached at (613) 230-5787 ext. 307 or eatnikov@lmslawyers.com.

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Family Law

Mental Health Law

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