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Planning for the future, particularly when it comes to what happens after we’re gone, can be a daunting task. However, it’s an essential aspect of life.

At LMS, as trusted Ottawa lawyers specializing in wills and estates, we understand the complexities involved in this process.

Our mission is to simplify the journey for you, offering clear guidance and expertise to ensure your wishes are comprehensively addressed. From drafting wills to navigating estate planning intricacies, we’re here to provide the support and clarity you need every step of the way.


Wills and estates are all about ensuring that your wishes, whether regarding assets, valuables, or care for loved ones, are respected and followed. It’s about putting a plan in place, giving you peace of mind that those you care about are looked after in the manner you intend.

Over the years, LMS has been a trusted guide for many in this delicate area. As experienced will and estate lawyers, we’ve assisted individuals and families in crafting clear, legally sound wills. These documents outline how possessions, like property or savings, should be divided or used. Moreover, they can specify guardians for minors or dictate specific wishes for one’s care in later life.


However, the process doesn’t end with the creation of a will.
Estates can sometimes lead to disputes, such as when a family member feels unfairly excluded or if there’s uncertainty about the authenticity of a will. LMS is well-versed in handling these estate litigations. Our goal is to resolve conflicts as amicably as possible, preserving family relationships while ensuring that justice and fairness prevail.

Technology and modern tools have made some parts of this process easier, but the human touch, understanding, and professional guidance remain irreplaceable.
At LMS, we understand the significance of personal connection and effective communication. We prioritize clear and transparent  communication, ensuring you are always informed and empowered to, understand every decision and its implications.


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The world of wills and estates can seem daunting. But with LMS by your side, you’re not navigating it alone. We’re here to demystify, guide, and support, ensuring your legacy is protected and your wishes are honored.

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