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Navigating the realm of real estate, whether purchasing a family home or selling a cherished property, is a significant undertaking. The process is not just about transactions; it’s about making pivotal life decisions. Amidst the complexities and intricacies of property dealings, LMS’s real estate lawyers in Ottawa as a beacon of experience and guidance.


For over 30 years, LMS has expertly facilitated clients through both residential and corporate real estate transactions

We understand that each property holds its unique legacy, and every individual has distinct objectives.
Our commitment lies in ensuring that these objectives are realized seamlessly and with precision.

While residential real estate involves guiding families to their ideal homes or assisting individuals in navigating property sales, our experienced real estate lawyers are equally adept at handling the nuances of corporate real estate. Whether securing the right commercial space or negotiating property agreements for businesses, our team handles each detail with care and precision.


We are here to simplify the convoluted maze of property transactions, answer your pressing questions, and provide you with the confidence and clarity required during such pivotal decisions. With LMS real estate lawyers at your side, you’re not just engaging in a real estate transaction; you’re making informed and strategic life choices.

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