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LMS Lawyers LLP

LMS Lawyers LLP is a leading law firm in Eastern Ontario, with headquarters in Ottawa. For more than thirty-five years, our excellence at providing legal services to our clients has remained unmatched.

Our lawyers and advocates have extensive experience in all areas of law. As a professional Ottawa Law Firm, we are committed to helping people who are facing legal challenges that could seriously disrupt or even destroy their entire lives.

Our Ottawa Law Firm is Dedicated to Your Service

Our lawyers and advocates work tirelessly, resolutely and confidently to provide the highest quality legal services to anyone who needs it. We have a team-based approach to the preparation and strategy development for all cases, which enables us to be fully prepared for the proceedings and get the best results possible on your behalf.

We are always available whenever you need us. We are very proud of and fully committed to our unparalleled customer service. When the decisive action becomes critical or an emergency arises, you can count on us to always be there for you and with you.

Our lawyers work extremely hard, with a solid commitment to continuous professional development and skills training. We are easily accessible around the clock in Eastern Ontario: just call 613-230-5787!

Our Expertise

We have lawyers with expertise in, but not limited to, the following fields:

1. Corporate Law

Our law firm was started as a one-lawyer firm and entrepreneurship is in our roots.

We are well aware of complications that may arise in the business world, and we will help you face many challenges including:

2. Criminal Law

We deal with a wide variety of cases, ranging from those simply involving the Highway Traffic Act to the most serious and complex Code offences. Our Ottawa law firm is also well versed in defending clients with "white-collar crimes".

We use the latest technology to ensure that our research and trial resources are best in the field.

3. Real Estate Law

We assist our clients with all the transactions and legal dealings related to selling and buying of real estate properties. Since this is one of the major undertakings one does in life, it is vital that you have someone knowledgeable and experienced at your disposal to protect you and your interests. We will make sure that you have complete peace of mind and understanding of all the legal bindings.

Our lawyers have the expertise to assist you in negotiating , reviewing the Agreement of Purchase or Sale, the final closing and transfer, and they will be there even beyond that, if necessary.

4. Wills & Power of Attorney

Our lawyers in the Ottawa law firm will assist you in tax planning and estate planning. We will help you to prepare and reach that all important peace of mind NOW, not later - under stressful and difficult conditions..

LMS Lawyers LLP will protect your assets in the event of your death and ensure their fair and equitable succession.

5. Civil Litigation

Sometimes disputes become impossible to solve amicably and civil litigation is needed to determine the rights of parties involved in the conflict.

Our lawyers in Ottawa are committed to developing a winning strategy to achieve the best possible outcome for both parties.

6. Family Law

Divorces are never easy and always represent “the very last option”. However, when they do happen, both the parties usually have to deal with unimaginable grief, chaos and stress.

We help our clients with child and custody disputes and spousal support litigations. Our lawyers carefully examine all the facts and relevant circumstances, explore all options available, prepare a strategy with best results and fiercely negotiate on your behalf.

7. Personal Injury

The unexpected and sometimes most serious events of our life come when we are the least prepared.. Some accidents can change your life forever. The best you can do is to be prepared for them in advance.

A legal proceeding might not occur to you as the next step during recovery, but often it is the best option to take in order to return your life to normal.

Ottawa law firm lawyers will help you get the equitable compensation for medical bills, interruption of work, physical and mental impairment, etc. We want to help you get to the state where you can care and provide for your family, and resume daily life.

Are We the Right Fit for You?

Choosing the right lawyer is very important. LMS Lawyers LLP believes that you should feel comfortable with your choice of lawyers - you should trust them, have confidence in them, and feel that your well-being is important to them . We offer free, no-obligation consultation to prospective clients, where we discuss their legal particulars in detail and give them the opportunity to decide if our firm and our lawyers can provide them with the help that they need.

Our team of lawyers has developed important skills through practice in a wide range of legal areas, including estate law, family law, criminal law, immigration and labour law.

Lawyers in our law firm Ottawa are sought after because of the combination of their expertise, developed through practice, and carefully honed soft skills. Many of our clients have been working with us on retainers for years.

We are always transparent about our fees, and we make every effort to avoid any surprises for our clients. If your case is not clear-cut, we will tell you in advance and explain fully all options available to you. We want to make sure that you get a fair deal - both legally as well as financially.

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LMS Lawyers LLP has been providing service to Eastern Ontario for more than 35 years. We are able to serve our community in English, French and Arabic.

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The lawyers at
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have extensive experience in many areas of law.

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