Client Testimonial for LMS Lawyers LLP


I was accused of no less than 7 counts in the summer of 2018. My Case was very complicated with hundreds of texts and layers upon of grey areas that needed a skilled and super sharp lawyer. Retaining a lawyer who didn’t have times and full attention to sift through the ridiculous amounts of documents and piece them together wasn’t an option. I stood to lose everything. I own a busy restaurant, and this not only could affect my reputation but my livelihood.

I did my research carefully and chose Mélina Cham. Her experience as a prosecutor and defense lawyer in several languages in more than 1 province gave me hope she could help me.

My prosecution and trials lasted almost 3 years and Mélina skillfully and patiently guided me through every step in a very emotional roller coaster ride. She not only gave me her undivided attention when needed but let me be a part of the decision making in my fate letting me understand the consequences at every turn.

I could go on forever as to how well Mélina defended me. She was a tenacious and skilled courtroom lawyer and much more but at the end of the day anyone accused of a crime and in my case falsely, has 2 immediate questions in mind, the outcome and how financially debilitating something like this can be.

I was in the end acquitted of all 7 charges and it certainly wasn’t in a straight line. It was filled with ups and downs, twists, and turns.

Mélina believed in me and could have charged me double or triple what she did.

Choosing Mélina was one of the best decisions I ever made and I will forever be grateful for her help!

- P. T.

This is to express my sincere gratitude for the dedicated effort you [Diana] made in bringing this case to a conclusion.
Your professional guidance and support by members of your team will never be forgotten after the long process. Since taking the case over from Gabriela, another dedicated lawyer from your company, the transition was smooth and your team was able to render services to a conclusive end.
I really appreciate your time and effort. Thank you so much.

- Anonymous

I just wanted to extend my gratitude to you and your team for helping us through the whole sale/purchase process and making it as painless as possible. For the 3rd time, you were all great to deal with and we will recommend you to anyone in our network in need of a real estate lawyer!

- Anonymous

Just wanted to let you know how happy [we] are with the work that Diana Aoun did with my case regarding a variation for spousal support, Julie Hudson also had a hand in it. [We] can now finally enjoy our retirement. I believe a big change was when Chantal took over. I know this was a difficult case but handled very well apparently Meg Green had a hand in this also. If needed I will definitely continue to use your firm & recommend to other people Thank-You so much

- J. & P.

Thanks Donna, i just want to tell you and Hunter (and the higher ups in the firm!) that you’ve both been spectacular throughout this process. Jennifer and I very much appreciated your professionalism, promptness, attention to detail and overall positive attitude there used to be an old holiday inn ad campaign whose slogan was ‘the best surprise is no surprise’ – that’s exactly what you and Hunter did for us… and it goes without saying that we’ll retain you next time.

- Anonymous

My wife and I would like to take the time and the opportunity to say thank you to each of you for helping us realize that big project consisting in buying our new home.We want to thank you for your individual effort and time that you put together to make that dream comes true.We really appreciate your hard work and are grateful for everything you’ve done.

- J.M. & A.J.

I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge the outstanding work Kimberley Coleman has done in handling several of my files, my partner’s files and my daughter’s file. Buying and selling can be stressful and Kimberley has been a pleasure to deal with on all the files. We were clients of John Rick and have continued with the change over to the new firm due to her dedication and attention to detail on all our files. She explains well and looks out for our best interests to make sure we have been well protected and is always available to answer any question. The process has been stress free even though some of these files have been extremely difficult ones. We will have another house selling soon hopefully and hope that Kimberley will again be assigned to my file.

- M.