Russ Molot

Russ works in the areas of Civil litigation/personal injury law, family law and wills and estates. He practices throughout Ontario and Nunavut providing advice and service to people involved in a multitude of problems from car accidents to medical malpractice and personal injury. He’s been involved in a number of high profile cases including the class action against General Motors for the ignition defect that resulted in the injury and death of dozens of people.

His family law work includes divorce, parenting disputes (custody and access issues), property division and equalization, marriage, and cohabitation agreements. Dealing with both married and common law couples, Russ has been doing so for more than 30 years and has acted for thousands of clients over that time. He is head of the family law department in the firm and remains a primary source of information on family law for the other lawyers in the office.

The Wills and Estate practice involves both drafting of documents (Wills and Powers of Attorney) and dealing with estate litigation on behalf of the deceased or beneficiaries.

As counsel to the firm, Russ puts his years of experience to work helping all the other lawyers in the firm and providing legal and procedural advice to the partners in operational and management issues. He also teaches other lawyers in their own practices and mentors the articling students in their own daily work as they learn the ropes in preparation for their own calls to the Ontario bar.

Russ was called to the bar in 1990 in Ontario. He was also called to the bar in 2021 in Nunavut. Not only does he have a multitude of experience in the legal profession but has a significant amount of life experience as well. His personal viewpoint is that life is short, so we really have to make the most of it. He’s always trying to illicit a smile and a laugh. It works . . . most of the time.

Russ can be reached at (613) 230-5787 ext. 308 or