Richard Morris

Richard Morris is a partner with Langevin Morris Smith.

His practice focus includes real estate, criminal and quasi-criminal law, including Highway Traffic Act, Provincial and other regulatory offences. Richard is the partner responsible for the Kanata and Renfrew offices.

While Richard bases his practice out of Kanata and Renfrew, he is available to assist clients through any of Langevin Morris Smith’s offices and is happy to make house calls on real estate matters.

Richard is an accomplished lawyer and other members of the Bar recognize Richard’s knowledge and experience. He is often consulted by other counsel, and has attended as a speaker at a number of legal conferences, as well as lecturing at Carleton University and Algonquin College.

Richard was active in the Scouting movement as a youth and has been active as a leader in his local beaver colony and cub pack. He has enjoyed giving back to the organization that was such a positive influence on him.

In addition, Richard is a recently qualified basketball coach and is enjoying the challenge and rewards of coaching competitive ball with the Ottawa Shooting Stars and the Gloucester/Cumberland Wolverines.

Richard built and paddles 18-foot traditional Inuit skin-on-frame kayak. He currently runs a power boat and has owned two small sailboats. Richard hopes to return to sailing soon, enjoying the effort to acquire the various skills associated with small boat use and maintenance, and believes that messing about in boats builds character.

Richard can be reached at (613) 592-0088 ext. 606 or