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Canada is world renowned as a country of immense opportunity. Perhaps now more than ever, Canada is a primary immigration destination. With many businesses looking to Canada to expand, relocate or source new markets, our lawyers are trained and skilled to help process individuals effectively and efficiently for both temporary and permanent residence.

Wherever you are in the world, LMS Lawyers LLP offers a unique service to arrange for Canadian immigration business or family placement. LMS Lawyers LLP has developed an extensive network of agents in all regions of the world who are linked directly with our firm. Wherever you or your family might be, LMS Lawyers LLP can arrange for a link to our professionals in Canada to serve you.

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If you are a qualified investor, LMS Lawyers LLP has banking and business contacts in Canada to make your transition to Canada seamless. Want to establish a business, invest in a Canadian business or educate your children at one of Canada’s finest universities? LMS Lawyers LLP can help you make those goals a reality.


Canada needs your skills. There is no doubt that Canada’s skilled workforce must be augmented with applicants from all over the world. Let our skilled lawyers assist you with your application and placement in Canada in your skill set.


Canada is waiting for your ability, insight and energy to establish a thriving business in any segment of the Canadian economy. Canada is open for business. Make the transition by relying on the LMS Lawyers team of professionals dedicated to your success.


Leaving loved ones behind in your home country can certainly be very emotionally trying and difficult. Let the immigration lawyers at LMS Lawyers LLP assist you in arranging your application to bring your family members to Canada.

LMS Lawyers LLP is dedicated to your success in Canada. Allow us to assist you from the first stroke of Application to an ongoing professional relationship in Canada to ensure that you and your family have access to the best in real estate, business opportunity, investment, education and any other aspect unique to you.

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