Labour & Employment Law Lawyer in Ottawa

Labour & Employment Law Lawyer in Ottawa, Ontario

Employment is one of the most important facets affecting most Canadians’ daily lives. Many of us spend the better part of our waking day at work. Employment is the method by which most earn an income to pay for our homes, food, clothing and entertainment. For employers, employees are the driving force for business. Without employees, most business simply would not function. Having a strong employer/employee relationship is clearly important to both parties.

Unfortunately, sometimes the relationship between employer and employee can break down. On occasion, the deterioration of the relationship can become irreparable. In these circumstances, it is important that both parties understand their legal rights and obligations to each other. The employment lawyers at LMS Lawyers LLP have the training, skills and experience to guide our clients through the maze of employment law. We can work with you at the outset of the employment relationship to make sure you have appropriately set out the expectation of your relationship between employer and employee and, in the event of break down, the orderly termination of the employment relationship.


Our lawyers work vigorously to protect our clients’ interest and always seek creative options to meet each client’s unique situation and circumstances. In the event of conflict, we strive to find a solution that gets you the best result, while balancing costs.

Some of the services that we are able to provide include, but are not limited to:

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