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LMS Lawyers LLP lawyers have successfully handled numerous Ontario DUI cases. Our DUI lawyers will represent you throughout the whole process, and they will do everything within their power to get the charges and penalties against you reduced or dropped altogether.

The Lifelong Consequences of DUI Charges

DUI charges can have lifelong consequences and can be a long-term liability. Your freedom to commute in your vehicle may be restricted or your licence might be suspended. People who depend on their car for work or daily life can be hugely impacted.

If you’re facing a DUI charge, it’s well-advised to consult a lawyer that has the experience necessary to help you navigate the process.

Ontario DUI Lawyers

As Ontario DUI lawyers, our job is to defend you in adverse situations and prepare the best possible case for your defence. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of Ontario’s DUI laws and know how to best use your rights to help protect you. We know that avoiding imprisonment, driving privilege suspensions and penalties will be your primary concern. To achieve this, we’ll examine your case from every possible angle, gather all the facts, and develop a strategy that will work in your favor.

We’ll ensure that you aren’t charged for offences you didn’t commit and protect you from any biases that the court may have against DUI defendants. We will make sure that the legal system does not over-step its mandate!

We have clients from all walks of life, and we’ve helped them get back to their families and jobs as soon as possible - with minimal disruptions to their work, finances and family. LMS lawyers have worked with clients and their unique circumstances for years. We know how to navigate any scenario, any case - no matter how complicated.

The Difference a Professional Can Make

Arrange a consultation with an Ottawa impaired driving lawyer as your very first step. Take advantage of professional advice in navigating DUI law, and ensure that you don’t compromise your situation further by trying to handle the preliminary stages on your own.

The consequences are very real and can include:

DUI involves far more than "the presence of 80mg of alcohol for every 100ml of blood in the system". To get a full and accurate picture, numerous other factors also require investigation.

The following are areas that can often provide important context and help our Ottawa DUI Lawyers represent your case in a more detailed and well-rounded light.:

1. Mistake

When a person mistakenly assumes that the intoxication effect has worn off (and starts driving a vehicle).

2. Duress

Duress means committing an act against one’s will because of an unlawful compulsion (such as the threat of violence).

3. Necessity

On occasion, necessity causes our clients to drive under the influence. It's our duty to ensure this fact is brought to light, along with clearly communicated reasoning behind it.

4. Involuntary Intoxication

It is not uncommon for drinks to be spiked, making them stronger than anticipated. In this case, the person who consumes the beverage doesn’t know that they’re under the influence.

5. Improper Stop

Police officers are a valued and integral part of our community. They are not infallible though,and if improper protocols are applied, it is important for this to be identified and addressed.

6. Challenging the Accuracy of the Field Sobriety Test

Field sobriety tests are not perfect and if inaccurate or inconclusive results are present, a closer look is warranted.

7. Challenging the Breathalyzer Test

To properly defend an accused Ottawa drunk driver, our team will closely examine the process that was abided by in administering the breathanalyzer as well as the upkeep, maintenance, and calibration of the equipment used to ensure that the results are representative.

8. Challenging the Blood Test

We also investigate the integrity of the blood samples that are used to verify the roadside assessments. With overworked teams trying to handle testing, it is important to verify the process that was put into place when handling samples.

Hiring an Effective Ottawa DUI Lawyer - A Wise Choice

Not hiring an attorney or using a panel attorney might seem cheaper on the surface. The reality is that the repercussions of a criminal conviction can result in much higher financial costs in the long run. The consequences of a DUI conviction can include:

Hiring a trusted DUI lawyer in Ottawa can save you from tremendous costs that you would otherwise incur. LMS Lawyers LLP lawyers have the experience and expertise that you need to get fair treatment from our legal system.

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