David Capra

David was admitted as a Partner to LMS Lawyers LLP in January 2016. David completed his articles with a large Toronto firm and thereafter came back home to Ottawa and has practiced law with LMS Lawyers LLP for more than a decade. He manages a busy law practice covering a wide variety of disciplines but has as his primary focus: personal injury law.

In his personal injury practice, David has handled all types of personal injury cases, including but certainly not limited to: motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, animal attack claims, critical illness/life insurance denial claims.

David has appeared at both trial and appellant level courts in Ontario, including various administrative bodies, including: the Ontario Social Benefits Tribunal, the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal, and the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

In his role as Partner, David serves as the head of the civil litigation department at LMS.

David’s clients often come to him at their most physically, emotionally and psychologically compromised state. To help them, he stays focused on achieving positive results that will allow his clients to regain control of their lives. David’s advocacy helps his client’s achieve results.

When not busy advocating for his clients’ rights, David spends much of his free time with his lovely wife, and two beautiful children, playing, skiing, skating, swimming and golfing.

David can be reached at (613) 230-5787 ext. 328 or dcapra@lmslawyers.com.