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LMS Started Podcasts Platform for Informative Insights

LMS Podcasts

LMS Lawyers LLP is very excited to announce that we have launched our podcast platform. Our podcasts, which will be hosted by our own lawyers, will provide exciting and informative insights into various legal practice areas. We will cover topics as general as "why you need a will" and "what's involved in doing a real estate transaction", to more complex legal issues involving corporate transactions, criminal defence, complex family law issues and personal injury law.

By interviewing experts in the relevant fields of law, both from within our own firm and from outside, our goal is to provide our listeners with information to help them understand the law and how it might impact each listeners own legal situation. 

Of course, the podcasts are never meant to provide specific legal advice, but are intended to be informative and give each listener some basic understanding of the different practice areas we engage and LMS Lawyers LLP. We encourage listeners to contact us should they wish to receive legal advice about their own situation.

Happy Podcasting!!!